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Rhett Soliday Top Story
Soliday selected as Vanguard University's Coach

Wed, 07 Apr 2010 10:37:42 CT

COSTA MESA, CA - Costa Mesa, Calif. - Rhett Soliday has been selected as the Head Men's Basketball Coach at Vanguard University, as announced today by the Vanguard Sports Information Department. Soliday has ...MORE

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FlamingSkids @ 7/25/2016 8:47:04 PM - Asotin is now D7,  Waitsburg stays D9 for XC... I think.  I believe the new Eastern Washington 2B conference for XC looks like the following. . Not many full teams that will compete in this conference.  They combine with the CWB North League as well as 1Bs for regionals and allocations to state. DeSales Walla Walla Valley Academy Dayton TCP Liberty Christian Mabton White Swan Kittitas Lyle-Wishram
smallschoolfan @ 7/24/2016 1:53:33 PM - I'm not 100% on how Central Washington will do it's allignment this coming season, as District 9 is essentially disbanded in sports with 2B teams...not sure how they'll work it. Asotin is going north with D7 for hoops, football, baseball...not sure about XC. I am putting together a watch list of meets in the Inland Empire for myself...going to try and get oot and aboot a little more this season. But Cougar Football will greatly affect how far I can travel.  Not many thoughts as of now, I will be doing a little research. Tiers will start Monday 9/12 and will come out every Monday after. The more insight I can get to accurately tier teams, the better. Please post often. 
mwpfan @ 7/17/2016 7:37:09 PM - That one I don't know. Heard Metcalfe is taking over for Poquette at MWP though.
TOMMY1 @ 7/16/2016 8:36:17 PM - NWCL has 7 returning runners under 18:34 last year and 2 freshman who ran 4:50's in the 1600 this year in track. NWCC's Micah Henry in recovering from cancer surgery this spring. I pray for his speedy recovery, but i don't know how his conditioning is.On the girls NWCL is getting back a top 20 runner from state 2 years ago and has a couple promissing freshman. Asotin has to be the favorite. Ocosta has only 2 runners returning from last year.
Pack-Man @ 7/14/2016 12:43:49 PM - I was wondering, does anyone know who stepped in to the head coaching positions at Concrete, and LC?
FlamingSkids @ 7/13/2016 7:22:55 PM - Here are some early comments/questions to get things started for those interested.1) NWCC and NWCL appear to be early favorites based on returners, recent past history and coaching.  I give slight edge to NWCC as they have the better top 10 individual potential at this point in time. It will come down to the back end and who obtained what and who put in what work.2) Asotin, St. Georges and Liberty Bell have the next level of returners and potential in team placings.  But based on last years weekly ratings, tiers and eventual finals who knows as they didn't finish like most thought....except St. Georges as they have history of peaking at right time.3) After the above who knows.  Can TCP suprise once again.  They were counted out by most  but made it happen when it counted.  4) Any new B teams that could add a twist in team placings as well as individual top 5? Rookes probably caught most be suprise but he's gone to 1As now. Who came down from the 1As.On girls Side1) I give Asotin the early top spot. Based on who they return and the excitement that will draw i have know doubt Coach Gundy will pick up a few additional runners to assist.  There is some real good rooted history in that program and the associated families.  If they picked up any of those families freshman, watch out.2)  THe next spots are Libery Bell, NWCL.  Going to come down to whom picks up what and puts in what work.  Edge goes to NWCL because of the deep history.3)  WHo is remaining to crack the top 4.  This is really open in my eyes.  Who got what in off season and who going to progess.  Ocasta, NWCC, Reardan, MWP, Tonasket, TCPAgain.  Any new B teams that could add a twist in team placings?
WHS1982 @ 7/12/2016 7:15:34 AM - WaSports, I would tend to agree that D7 is going to be the toughest league in the state this season. I would have ranked Asotin in the old D9 as #1 going into 2016, but in D7 that’s a little tougher.  Asotin, NWC and Davenport are the early top three right now, with Liberty right there as they will return 14 Seniors for 2016.   And like you say, LRS, Reardan and Colfax all have quality programs and you can never really count them out.  But the Broncos graduated 15 and I just don’t see Colfax or Reardan having the horsepower to crack into the top four this year. Be sure to keep us posted each week as the season goes forth, I would like to hear your assessment. And, we just might get a chance to play each other later in the season! Good luck and stay healthyWHS 
WaSportsFan @ 7/11/2016 9:17:44 AM - D7 will be a battle. Quite arguably the toughest league in the state. With Asotin moving to D7 after dominating D9 last year, it adds to an already tough group. Asotin, Liberty, Lind-Ritzville and NW Christian all made the quarterfinals, and Davenport played in the first round. This doesnt even account for Colfax and Reardan. It sounds like Liberty, Davenport, Reardan and Asotin lost very little (if anything) to graduation and LR and Colfax are to well-coached to ever be counted out. It should be fun to watch.
mwpfan @ 7/10/2016 6:51:33 PM - Mini camp starts tomorrow. Riley on Saturday.
mwpfan @ 7/10/2016 6:48:17 PM - Wahkiakum should finish middle of the pack in the river league. Returning everybody except two people. A running back and a wide receiver. We're going to surprise a team or two.


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