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  • Easy Live Audio, Video Webcasting
  • Live Scores and Gamecast Screens
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  • Live Photo Upload and Galleries
  • Schedules, News, Announcements
  • Advanced Listener Statistics Area
  • Get Funds For Your Team/School
  • Developer API For Your Website
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Produce your own LIVE audio or video webcasts in seconds, with the ability to launch game trackers and live scores.  As events complete, automatic score alerts go to fans anywhere via email or text message.  You can also post announcements, news, and photos to keep everyone informed.

  • Easy LIVE Audio and Video Webcasting with Archives
  • Browser-Based Software Accessible Anywhere
  • Any Internet Connection, Modem to Ethernet
  • Real Time Scores and Data With No Refreshing
  • Unlimited Concurrent Listener Capacity
  • Unlimited Events, No Time Limits, No Per-Event Costs
  • Automatic Text Messaging Alerts to Fans
  • Publish News, RSS, Announcements, Schedules
  • Upload Photos and Highlight Clips
  • Customizable Account Colors and Logos
  • Scheduling Tools and Calendar Functions
  • Venue Management With Driving Directions
  • Widgets and Magnets For Your Website
  • High School Sports, Colleges, Pro Teams... Anyone!
  • Live Streaming Audio
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Game Tracker Screens
  • Mobile TXT Alerts
  • Offer Free or Fee-Based Webcasts
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Track
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  • Wrestling
  • Talk Shows
  • Concerts
  • Internet Radio
  • Ceremonies
  • Education
  • Music Events
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There are just a few simple requirements for using the Meridix Network - an account which we call a LiveID, a computer, a web browser, and an internet connection. You'll also obviously need a camera or microphone if doing audio or video webcasting.

How To Webcast

If AUDIO webcasting, you'll need a simple computer microphone or headset. You can get these inexpensively at most electronics stores.
If VIDEO webcasting, you'll also need a video camera with computer cable. Most home video cameras or webcams work fine.
Open up a web browser and login to your account (LiveID). You can enter team names, scores, and whatever other data you wish.
Start the streaming application and select your broadcast type (audio or video) and desired bitrate. Click "Start" and you are LIVE!
Your fans access the live audio or video stream with one click from a link on your own website and can see scores/stats change in real time.
When you're done, your webcast is automatically archived along with scores and other data, which keeps users coming back. Automatic text message alerts are sent out.
Total Setup Time: 5 Minutes
How To... Everything Else

Manage all aspects of your LiveID through any web browser by using our LiveID Manager.

This simple tool gives you access to schedules, announcements, photos, news, TXT/email alerts, and all other LiveID features.


Besides live audio/video/stats webcasting and TXT alerts, the following features come standard on all Meridix LiveID accounts.


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   Live Photo Upload

Upload live photos right from the game or event. Your audience can then see the action even if you can't do video.


Track the latest scores and results from around your league or conference directly on your LiveID page.

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   News, Photos, RSS

Publish the latest news in your organization with our news publishing utility, featuring automatic RSS feeds. 


Display a schedule of upcoming events including dates and times, to keep your audience informed. 

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Highlight the most important changes, events, or other announcements in varying degrees of priority. 


Provide seating capacity, address, driving directions, accommodations, and other information about your stadiums.

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  Broadcaster Directory


Have your name prominently posted in live broadcasts, keep a record of the broadcasts you've worked on, get listener ratings, and more!  

  Forums and Live Game Chat 

Allow your fans to interact with one another via forums, discussion topics, and live chats. They can even use the same identity as they go between different schools, teams, or channels.

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  Demographics / Stats

View detailed statistics on your listenership and viewership. See the number of vistors, graphs, unique vs. total listenership, and other metrics. You can also optionally collect demographics.  

  Tape Delayed Upload 

Broadcasting from a location with no internet? No problem! Simply record the broadcast locally to your computer, and use our easy utility to upload your game file to the network later.

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Text Messaging and Email Notifications

Besides the score alerts that are sent automatically during your webcasts, you can also use the system to manually send out unlimited custom text messages and emails to fans, players, parents, and staff, and the media.

Recipients sign themselves up for free and can manage their own notification options, saving you time. For example, they can select to only receive text messages and emails relevant to "Football" or "Basketball" or even specific teams (Varsity, JV, etc).

To send out a text message or an email with one click, simply select the delivery list from a dropdown, type your message, and click on "Send".

  - Postponements
- Venue Changes
- Schedule Changes
- Important Announcements
- Cancellations
- Scores and News
- Practice Changes
- Newsletters

Meridix LiveID plans are FREE (ad-supported) or PREMIUM (no ads).  Sign up today!

Give fans free access to your mobile content via any web-enabled cell phone, PDA, or mobile device.   They simply visit on their phone, enter the appropriate LiveID, and they can get access to live events, results, schedules, latest news, venue information, and more!


The Meridix API allows you to pull data from any of your Meridix accounts into any external website or web service.

This means that you can take data generated by the Meridix platform and easily send it via XML to your own website or other websites that you are affiliated with. For example, you might want to incorporate the live score of a game into a ticker on your website, or create a widget to display upcoming games.

This is perfect for private webcasters, newspapers, media organizations, and schools who want to maintain their own identity to the fullest, while still being able to fully utilize Meridix features and infrastructure.

And your data remains fully protected - you control who can use the API on your data, and who can't.

Format: XML (REST) API

Sign up today for free!

Visit to get started, to obtain an API key, and for developer API documentation.

Why H.264/AAC format?

First of all, more than any other factor, is that H.264/AAC performs most efficiently and produces better quality at low bitrates than nearly all the others when streaming live content. We understand that when you go out to do a broadcast, you may not always have a broadband internet connection available to you. So, we want to ensure that you get the best possible video and audio quality, even from low bitrates at venues with slow connections.

Next, in most cases encoding to H.264/AAC format is more efficient and uses less CPU than encoding to many of the other formats for live broadcasting. This means that you can broadcast from older machines with less processing power and still minimize the number of frame drops and disconnections. On the audience side, H.264/AAC is also available to nearly every viewer or listener online.

We'll always be open to the best possible format, and our network will accomodate - right now, H.264/AAC is the best live choice.

Ad Inventory Is 100% Yours

The way we see it, sponsors, contributors, and boosters are there to support you, not us. As a result, all of the ad space that you have on the Meridix network is 100% yours to use. We don't collect any revenue on ads that you run, whether they are on-air, in your archives, in banners, anywhere. Collect $20 per game from a few local businesses, and you could have hundreds of dollars of extra revenue coming into your organization, that is 100% yours to keep. And what if you want to run no ads at all? Feel free to keep your account bannerless. Using our optional advertising tools, you can usually broadcast for free and even profit from your operations.

Pay Per View Webcasts, League Passes

Most organizations offer their webcasts for free (subsidized by local advertising, boosters, etc), but we realize there are times when you may want to charge your audience to view your games and events.

We offer an end-to-end solution which completely handles the process of charging customers to watch games. Your audience members simply enter their MeridixID (a few fields) and then enter their credit card information, and they are instantly provided with a single game access code.

We can also set up a league pass so users can access any of the LiveIDs in your league for one price.

Integrated CD sales of your games earns you real revenue!
Earn additional money on your game broadcasts easily by having parents, fans, and other listeners purchase games directly from your archives.  In addition, they can check out with a credit card through Meridix, without the need for you to have a merchant account or credit card system.

You don't have to do anything - Meridix will collect and fulfill the order, manufacture the requested items, and then package and ship the order. When the process is complete, your revenue share on the CDs automatically appears within your account!


Access all of our easy-to-use tools for an unbelievably low price.  When you're ready to begin using the system, start by signing up here.

  Free Audio Video
Live HD Video Webcasting (H.264) 
Live Audio Webcasting (AAC) 
Number of Events Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Viewers/Listeners Included Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Archiving Storage Included 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Real Time Gamecast / Gametracker
TXT / Email Alerts, iOS / Android Capable
Schedules, News, Photos, Chat, Forums
Visitor Stats and Demographics
Banner Ad / Video Ad Management
Embed On Any Website
Earnings on Instant Downloads
Earnings on PPV, Ticketing, Season Passes Reduced
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