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What is a MeridixID?

The MeridixID is an identity for individuals to use, whether they are fans, players, coaches, staff, parents, employees, or any other capacity.  For example:

A fan can elect to receive text and email alerts
A fan can purchase tickets and season passes
A broadcaster can post a profile or a resume
An administrator can manage records and events

Why does a MeridixID benefit me?

A MeridixID is a free identity which allows you to access and use various Meridix tools with one login.  You control your relationship with each organization, and you select the tools you want to use.

Are you a broadcaster trying to publish a live stream?

You're in the wrong place - a MeridixID is for personal use (for example, a fan).  For publishing live streams, you need to sign up for a LiveID by clicking here.

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With a MeridixID, you can access:

Tickets and Season Passes
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