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Creating and Managing Events Before Starting Your Live Stream

1. Before you begin live streaming on your channel, you'll need to ensure you set up an event in live status (ready to accept your live stream). You can do this in one of two ways - either by scheduling an event ahead of time and then taking it live when you're ready, or by creating an event and taking it live on the fly.

2. Login with your LiveID and password at https://manager.meridix.com.

3. Click on the "Live Streaming" button.

4. Now you will see two options available to you - creating a new event and immediately taking it live (left), or taking a scheduled event live (right).

* If you click on "Go Live" next to a scheduled event, it will immediately be in live status and you can skip to Step 7.

5. Let's assume you did not already schedule your event, and want to create a new event and go live with it immediately. Click on "Create & Go Live".

6. Enter details about the event. When you're ready to put the event into live status (ready to accept a live stream from your encoder), click on "Go Live".

7. Live streaming is now enabled and your event is ready to accept a live stream from your encoder software or app. You will also see the realtime data input screen. To update information, such as a score, click on an element and it will be surrounded with a green box. Change the data in the box and then click elsewhere to automatically submit.

8. Update game/event data as your event progresses, and your audience will see your updates in sync with the live stream. This page also includes settings for photos, tickets/passes (PPV), password protection, and more.

9. You can leave the realtime input screen and return at will. The event will remain open in live status regardless of whether you are actually on the page.

10. When your event is completely finished and you're ready to change the status of your event from live to archived (so that the recording is available on demand), stop your live streaming software or app first. Then, at the bottom of the realtime input screen, click on "End Event". This lets our system know that the event is complete and no further streaming will be conducted for that particular event.

To summarize:

a) create your event (right now, or scheduled in advance)
b) take event live
c) live stream audio/video from your encoder
d) update event data while streaming
e) stop streaming audio/video when finished
f) mark event as ended to archive it