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Recommended Equipment / Hardware

You can live stream with as little as a smartphone - but most broadcasters vary their setup depending on the type of broadcast. For an interview, a smartphone or tablet might be fine. For a live game, you might want the pan/zoom capabilities of an HD camcorder.

If using a computer for live streaming, make sure it is an i5 series or higher (i7 preferred). Also, always make sure you have enough upstream (upload) bandwidth to support the bitrate of your broadcast.

We've provided our picks in each category below, making it easy for you to choose based on your budget and requirements.

HD Camcorders

Why? You'll want the zoom and pan capabilities for live games.

Things to consider:

* Ensure camera has HD (1920x1080 Full HD or 1080p)
* Ensure camera has HDMI output capability (most do)
* Ensure camera has an external microphone input

HDMI Capture Cards

Why? Computers can't take HDMI input directly from cameras. You need to convert it first.

Things to consider:

* USB 2.0 devices work on nearly all computers
* USB 3.0 devices are faster, but make sure your computer is USB 3.0 capable
* Install all device drivers before attempting to use for broadcasting

Headsets and Microphones

Why? You'll want clean audio of your play by play, not just ambient noise.

Things to consider:

* You can plug analog headsets into computer microphone/line-in jacks or mixers directly
* You can purchase cheap adapters between 1/8 in (3.5 mm), 1/4 in, and XLR cables and jacks
* Only use USB headsets if that is the only audio device you'll be using. You generally can't use more than one USB headset simultaneously.


Why? You'll want to control and adjust various audio sources, like headset microphones.

Things to consider:

* Mixers allow multiple broadcasters to speak at the same time, or even mix in a music player
* Analog mixers work well - simply plug the final mixed output into the microphone/line-in jack on your computer
* USB mixers are usually fine, but be sure to install any applicable drivers

Standalone Video Devices (No Computer Needed)

Why? You might want to mix or stream where a computer isn't the best option.

Things to consider:

* Teradek VidiU can stream direct to Meridix with your internet connection, no computer necessary. Hook camera directly to device via HDMI.
* NewTek Tricaster is a full production suite with ports for multiple cameras

Commonly Used Cables

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