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Using Meridix with Arrakis New Wave or Digilink (Xtreme/HD)

Instantly download your software from Arrakis Systems.

Available by request. Contact Meridix for details.

Your setup will be as follows:

* Arrakis software running for radio automation
* Our MBP software or other encoder running for live streaming
* Meridix Arrakis Data Connect software running for real time song info

1. Open your Arrakis software and have it operating normally.

2. Open up any browser window. Then, login with your LiveID and Password at https://manager.meridix.com.

3. Once inside the LiveID Manager, create a live event.

4. On the same computer or a different computer, connect an encoder via one of the methods listed here, and have it running and streaming live.

5. On the same computer where Arrakis is running, open the Meridix Arrakis Data Connect (available upon request) program.

6. Login with your username (LiveID) and password. Then, select the proper XML file generated by Arrakis, which in the case of Meridix is Format 5. Arrakis directions can be found at this link.

7. Click on the Start button in the Meridix Arrakis Data Connect software. Song track information updates will be published in real time. Leave the program open for as long as you wish updates to be made.

8. Use this iframe code to display real time updates on your website. You can customize iframe attributes such as size and width as desired.

<iframe src="//www.meridix.com/track_info.php?liveid=YOUR_LIVEID_HERE&recordid=YOUR_EVENTID&bgcolor=FFFFFF&font=Arial&fcolor=000000&arsize=2&tisize=3&alsize=1" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="100" width="100"></iframe>

Not only can you customize the iframe attributes, but you can also customize the attributes of the page itself by modifying the source URL. The attributes are that you can change background color (bgcolor) with a standard HTML hex code, you can change the font with a standard one-word font (font, such as Arial, Verdana, etc), font color (fcolor), artist font size (arsize), title font size (tisize), and album font size (alsize). This should allow you to post the widget in your page, easily matching your own website aesthetics.

You'll also notice that the update will be delayed, since the audio stream is delayed from real time as well. So when users see the track info change, it will closely match when the audio actually begins to play.