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How To Upload A File To Your Archives (Non Live)

There are many reasons you may want to upload video to your archives - you captured a moment offline to your phone or tablet, did a recorded interview, edited footage, or captured an entire game at a venue without any internet access (and want to upload it later to Meridix, like tape delay).

To upload audio or video files to your account, you basically do two things - create an "empty" event with nothing streamed to it, then upload your file as the archive of that event. Here's how to do it:

1. Start by opening up any browser window. Then, login with your LiveID and password into the LiveID Manager.

2. Once inside the LiveID Manager, create a scheduled event (the date may be in the past).

3. Now go to Main Menu > Archives > Upload

4. Select the event you want to upload your file to from the dropdown menu, and click on "Next".

5. Now click on the "Choose File" button and browse for the file on your device that you would like to upload. Once selected, click on "Send File".

6. Once the file begins uploading, you'll see a progress bar telling you how far along the upload is. DO NOT leave this page until the file is fully uploaded, otherwise you may need to start over. Once the upload is complete, you'll recieve a confirmation on screen.

7. After the file is uploaded, it will undergo processing. To check on the processing status, go to the upload page and look for the status table.

8. When the process is complete, the audio or video will be available to your audience as an archived event, no different than if you had streamed the event live.

* You can also use the process above to replace / overwrite audio or video already contained within an event. For example, say you streamed an event live, and want to replace the archive with an edited copy of that footage. Simply begin at step 4, where you can upload a file and it will replace / overwrite any audio or video that is already present.