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How to Broadcast With The Meridix Live Broadcaster App

Ensure you are familiar with creating and managing events on your channel:

Creating and Managing Events

Download our app for Android or iOS here:


1. Make sure you have a live event running in your account by using the LiveID Manager.

2. Launch the "Meridix" app and log in using your LiveID and password.

3. Click on the red "Pair with Event" button. The app will pair with the live event you created in your account in step 1.

4. Select the settings most appropriate to your broadcast, including audio bitrate, video bitrate (if applicable), and resolution (if applicable). Remember not to set a bitrate that exceeds your available upload speed, which you can check here.

5. You are ready to broadcast. Click on the red button to start your live stream.

6. You will now see the "on air" icon lit in the upper left, see the VU meter moving with any sound, and see the timer progressing, indicating how long you have been live streaming.

7. When you wish to stop your live stream, click on the red button to stop. You'll be asked to confirm that you want to stop live streaming.

8. If you wish to resume streaming, you can do so at any time by clicking on the red button again. It will pair with whatever the current live event is in your account (essentially, repeat steps 3-7).

9. When you're completely finished with your event, click on the red circle in the upper right to log out of the app.

10. Return to the LiveID Manager and "End" your event. This will let the system know that no further live streaming is intended for that event, and that it can be packaged up and sent to your archives.


* You may want to turn on "do not disturb" mode during longer broadcasts, to ensure phone calls and texts do not interrupt your stream. Consult your phone manufacturer's directions for turning on "do not disturb" mode for your specific device.

* If your audience is seeing choppy video, try reducing the quality level of your broadcast to ensure it matches the capabilities of your phone or tablet.

* If you ever leave the event unintentionally (for example, you lose your internet connection, or your phone runs out of battery before you can get to your charger, etc), you can easily resume live streaming right where you left off.